Fashion is a funny thing...

The word implies constant change – always moving on to the next big thing, the next trend and the next look. That’s not Morris. We prefer the word curious – and as a brand you could say that we’re style curious. That means that Morris prefers to rush slowly. The results are always better that way. We know who we are, where we’re coming from, and also where we’re going. Let’s take it from the beginning.

The name Morris comes from the legendary men’s shop, which was located on Hamngatan in central Stockholm from 1949 to the beginning of the 70s. Morris was the destination of choice for gentlemen of all ages. The store attracted dandies throughout the country with a passion for British-made clothing and accessories that were synonymous with quality.

“I thought the historic connection was amusing, but Morris is also a good name. It’s as simple as that really,” says Jan Alsén, the founder of Morris.

Our style foundation and inspiration comes from the classically preppy, but mixed with an ample portion of contemporary and innovative influences, and a dose of obstinacy. Geographically, we firmly belong on this side of the Atlantic. We’ve borrowed classic old-world charm and convention from the British with a bit of eccentricity thrown in. The streets of Paris, Milan and Rome taught us chic elegance, and a certain nonchalant “joie de vivre.” And from Sweden and Scandinavia, our place of birth, we learned about design, quality and straightforwardness – useful character traits when bringing Morris out into the world.