Teko Trading

Jacob Cohen





Teko Trading AS was founded in 2005 with the purpose of building a strong and powerfull brand house. With inspiration from Northern Italian fashion industry, the company today represent several strong innovative Fashion brands. 

The home market is defined  as whole  Scandinavian and Baltic territory in the combination of acting as agents and importer. Today Teko Trading has become a well known player in the market serving the most prestigues stores. The company today is located in a famous old Town House in the heart of Oslo builded in 1918. 


Morris Morris offers a top-to-toe approach to men’s clothing. It is a mix of quintessential British style, and continental European elegance.

Jacob Cohen "Holding a pair of Jacob Cohen jeans in your hands, the craftsmanship that goes into each and every pair is palpable."

Moorer "Moorer combines high-quality materials, such as a satin stretch or waterproofed tech flanell with a detailed interior finish."

Lardini The epitome of traditional sartorial artistry, the Lardini brand sinks its roots in decades of tailoring experience, local knowledge, sheer determination, fine Italian manufacture and dedication to quality.

Giannetto Portofino Giannetto Portofino represents a perfect marriage of inventive drive and timeless spirit. Perhaps their most compelling innovation is an unparalleled focus on fabric washing.